Step (spicnspam) wrote,


I didn't really plan a theme for what I was wearing, but it turned out to be the

Old Lady Grandma / Retro 50's Look

I was nicknamed 'Ms. Daisy'. Driving Ms Daisy is the stupidest movie ever, by the way.

Whatever. I liked it... lots of other people thought it was mad tight, so it's all good. I love red lipstick, and I had fun with that today. I decided to offer every kissy marks on the cheek, so I was handing out kisses all day.

Dudes and chicks alike. It was fun... RJ got three and one on his neck just because I gave him one everytime I saw him and also I attacked Alisha, she had no choice. Bwaha.

It must have been weird for the people watching me kiss everyone...

there could have been a hackey sack showdown at lunch but the guys are wimps. The teacher supervisor lady outside has dubbed me The Hackey Sack Girl

Taco Bell implemented a new policy... they actually kicked people out that didn't buy anything... psshh

After school me and John [the Mexican... who I found out is actually Puerto Rican] ended up hanging out together and talking for two hours since the rest of the 'crew' was absent.. er whatever. Tanya & Matt's didnt' kick us out =) Just looking at him, I'd never guess John's talkative, but he can just keep talking and talking. Not boring or anything, I even lost track of time. Yup. This lady was staring at us. Because we were so sexy and she wanted to rape us.
We stole soda from McDonald's...

I came home and found my dad bought WILD CHERRY PEPSI!!!

Then I had Pizza!!

And o yeah, sorry Marge if I didn't get to stop and hug you/talk to you at the end of the day, I had to scamper along and get books returned to people, etc. Yeah.

*hug to everyone*
*kiss to those who want one*

she has left the building
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